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This is a public archive of primary sources of Christian Science, a practical metaphysic discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866. The archive includes the textbooks of Christian Science, which are the King James Bible and Ms. Eddy's Science and Health. It also includes other works by her and by other early workers in the field.

These workers include:

  • Bicknell Young, Ms. Eddy's student and a teacher, nephew of Mormon Brigham Young
  • Gilbert Carpenter, member of Ms. Eddy's household and a teacher
  • Edward Kimball, teacher and lecturer whose teaching Ms. Eddy called "clear and correct"
  • Martha Wilcox, also a member of Ms. Eddy's household and a teacher
  • Adam Dickey, Ms. Eddy's personal secretary
  • Una Willard, teacher and sister of Roy Bedichek, the naturalist

This archive is not affiliated with any church. And neither am I. While anyone is welcome to the works in this archive, my motive for putting them here is to make available the most substantive works to those who wish to demonstrate Christian Science. Ms. Eddy once told a student, "You are alone with your own being and the reality of things." And this is the best standpoint for study.

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